• Computing Fundamentals

    Fundamental knowledge required to confidently use a computer in the home or workplace.

  • Desktop Computing

    Understanding Operating Systems, managing files & folders, file types, data compression, storage & searching, print & document management.

  • Word Processing

    Produce professional documents using word processing applications by creating,  designing & managing documents.

  • Presentations

    Being able to design and deliver an attractive and  professional presentation using the latest software applications.

  • Database

    Databases are central to the efficient management of data in the modern business.

  • Speadsheets

    Understand and produce accurate work by working with spreadsheets that allows to communicate information meaningfully.

  • Online IT Skills

    Essentials of socialising, studying and working online. Web navigation,  search features, online communities, internet forums and chatrooms.

  • IT Security

    Be safe and secure when operating on the web, email and in computer networks .

  • Workplace Productivity

    Understand the impact of technology on improving productivity and streamlining work processes.

  • Social Media In The Workplace

    How to use social media channels positively, safely and efficiently. The main social media channels are covered in detail.