Interactive White Boards / SMART Boards/ Digital white boards

Technology so advanced it’s simple – Write. Touch. Swipe. Pinch. Interactive whiteboards and collaboration software are so easy to use, they’re second nature.

Away with flipcharts, drop down screens, limited flipchart papers, marker pens

 The interactive whiteboards are available in 77″, 79”, 82″, 87”, 89” and 110” models from the world best brands.

We are distributors and Resellers for the brands below:-

For the Interactive Whiteboard setup to work, you will require

  1. Projector – Preferably an Ultra Short Throw Projector – Any model
  2. Projector Mount – No more placing projectors on the table
  3. Cabling – HDMI, VGA Cable, Trunking, Power cables compatible with the projector throw distance and location of the computer
  4. Speakers – Preferably active speakers
  5. Clean power /UPS
  6. Termination plate is highly advised should you have several people plugging and unplugging the HDMI/VGA/UBS cable
  7. Dedicated Room computer or wall mounted computer making it way easier to start and end meetings, allows the flip chart, white board software to be available to all at any time
  8. Intersol Kenya Ltd AV experts to ensure everything is installed, Commissioned and Tested. This also ensures you get your warranty. Non certified personnel who install your equipment void the warranty. Our teams are certified to Install, Train and Support
  9. What is a good car without a driver? Waste of investment. Let us train you on the best way to use and work with your investment. No more white elephants